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Hi, I'm Neelima. At the beginning of 2019 I heeded an undeniable calling to become a steward to bees. I was already looking forward to the creation of a Sanctuary for humans, that would bring together spiritual and healing traditions from around the world in a natural setting that focused on sustainability. When the bees themselves seemed to insist that I study Biodynamic methods for tending them, I paid heed and took up training at Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary. More than a list of "how things are done", I've been provided with an invitation to inquire ever more deeply into the ways of the bees themselves, to learn what they need and how best to serve them. Having once believed I was afraid of bees (I would jump and flail at the merest buzz!), I'm coming to understand them on what I would have to call a soul level, that only keeps deepening. There is now no sound more soothing than the hum of hives in all directions, preparing to strengthen their life-force through swarming.

Through my training I've been forced to understand the severity of the honeybee crisis, and thus exposed to many of the ways that humankind contributes to their struggle in ways both obvious and unseen (spoiler alert: seeing these ways calls for penetrating inquiry into the ways of Nature, which could call on humans to change).

The physical location for the sanctuary is still being scouted, though it's now clear that it is a Honeybee Sanctuary foremost, with many human-supporting activities and spaces (because when the bees come first, we have a better chance of sticking around !). I'm dedicated to discovering the changes we can make to benefit the bees, and to sharing them in a compassionate spirit, while it is still a matter of choice.

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